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We have quality firewood ready for all customers in Leicestershire & Warwickshire

Kiln Dried Firewood

There’s nothing more relaxing than the flickering flame of an open fire. Burning fuels at home is a responsible, economical way to get heat. We provide great quality Hardwood and kindling fuels and can advise you on which type is best, to help you protect both your pocket and the planet.

Burning wood is an environmentally responsible and economic way to heat your home. Ambion Firewood have been supplying Hardwood logs since 2012 and we can supply the correct wood for your open fire, log burner, pizza oven or fire pit.

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firewood in leicestershire & warwickshire

kiln dried firewood delivered

Environmental information

All of our firewood is harvested from Renewable Sources. Our Drying Kilns are powered by waste wood, giving a low carbon footprint. Firewood has a lower carbon footprint than many conventional heating sources

You can rest assured that all our hardwood is harvested from renewable sources. What’s more, firewood has a lower carbon footprint than many conventional energy sources. Two environmental bonuses for the price of one!

Firewood Conveniently Packed

We provide Seasoned Hardwood for open fires, Chimneas and fire pits.

We produce Kiln Dried Logs in our own on-site drying kilns. Kiln-dried logs burn hotter & cleaner and are perfect for Log Burners and pizza ovens.

Our firewood is usually supplied in 10” (25cm) length logs, but we can supply them in any length or size you require. please ask our sales team on 01455 291010 at the time of ordering.

We also stock prepacked Kindling. Our firewood comes in 1M cubed (1 cubic metre) bags, loose loads or nets.

kindling and smokeless fuel