Our Rooms

Baby, Toddler, Pre-school & School Club

Baby Room | Birth to 1yrs

Our baby room is a calm and relaxing space where our babies can safely explore and move around. We have one member of staff for every 3 babies.

The area is equipped with a range of soft toys, musical instruments, touchy-feely books, sensory toys and all other activities suitable for children within this age range – such as painting with yoghurt! We ensure the baby's routines and individual needs are met at all times, through care plans with parents. We use travel diaries so we can share with parents how their child has been throughout the day along with care needs. There is a section on travel diaries for parents to share messages too.

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baby childcare in Barwell

EYFS childcare provider in Barwell

Toddler Room | 1yr – 3yrs

A variety of continuous provisions are on offer for our growing toddlers. In our toddler room children have access to mark-making materials, messy play, role-play, small-world toys, malleable play, construction and puzzles.

We join together for regular circle times throughout the day where children share stories, join in with rhymes or practise their skills such as balancing across our sensory path!

Our baby and toddlers access the outdoors regularly throughout the day, to explore the natural world or take part in sensory activities such as water play.

Cots, pushchairs and snooze mats are available to accommodate any age child who may need rest or sleep during the day - we work in partnership with parents for this. Each child is provided with their own fresh linen.

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Pre-School Room | 2.5yrs – 4 yrs

Our preschool room provides lots of exciting opportunities for our learners to flourish and develop. In this number and letter-rich environment, children have on offer a range of continuous provisions to choose from to stimulate and educate our preschool children, such as arts and crafts, messy and exploratory play, construction, imaginative role-play and ICT equipment.

Each day our preschool children are invited to participate in a morning ‘wake and shake’ music and movement session or a ‘wellbeing yoga’ stretch to start our day!

Our preschool room has free-flow access to our large nursery garden – our outdoor space is something we are immensely proud of and it offers an abundance of wonder and awe for our children here at Lynton.

We have positive relationships with our local infant schools and welcome teacher visits as part of our school readiness programme. We invite teachers to come and meet the children and we take children for a walk in our local community to see their school.

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Preschool childcare

EYFS childcare provider in Barwell

Before & After School Club | 4yrs – 11yrs

Our School Club children can participate in arts and crafts, read books or magazines, play with small world or construction toys, socialise with friends or simply relax and watch a DVD after a busy day at school! When children come in after school, they are usually eager to access our outdoor space, before enjoying their afternoon tea with friends. Because our School Children are that little bit older, we do have 'Golden Rules' that children are made aware of to ensure our School Club is a happy environment for all the Children.

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